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Internal Audit

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Internal Audit

Internal controls have never been higher on the boardroom agenda as the board faces growing pressure fro stakeholders to mitigate risk yet drive business performance. Internal Audit plays a critical role in corporate governance frameworks by providing independent assurance that protects the business against risk, Informs strategic decision making and improves overall performance.

However, many boards are not setting optimum value from their. Internal audit function and are potentially exposing theme selves to major risks.

Magdy Financial Consulting Co.’s internal audit specialists help boards benefit from an enhanced internal audit function that provides better value for money and increased assurance. Our key strength is that we are not only able to give clients access to our extensive experience and knowledge of best practice as leading internal audit services providers, but can also provide access to sector specialists who know your industry and its technical risk areas.

How we can support you:

  • Bench marking internal audit performance.
  • Transformation change strategies.
  • Advising boards on optimum resourcing models.
  • Providing co-sourcing/outsourcing services.
  • Improving the quality, productivity and value of in-house services.
  • Enhancing internal audit methodologies to improve audit execution.
  • Advising on and supporting audit technology selection and implementation.
  • Developing and delivering training plans.